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Ski rental Le Grand Bornand

Active Mountain - Le Roc des Tours
Active Mountain - Le Roc des Tours

1401 Route de l'Envers du Chinaillon 74450 Le Grand Bornand

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Active Mountain - Le Village de Lessy
Active Mountain - Le Village de Lessy

6961 Route du Chinaillon 74450 Le Grand-Bornand

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Located between Le Grand-Bornand Village and Col de la Colombière, the valley of Chinaillon reveals itself and will be familiar to followers of the Tour de France. It is around the charming hamlet of Chinaillon, its chalets and chapel that the reosrt of Grand-Bornand developed over time. Today, it welcomes holidaymakers and adventure sports lovers in an authentic and preserved environment. Located between 1000m and 2100m above sea level, Le Grand-Bornand offers remarkable views of the Aravis mountain range. Generous sunshine, a friendly Savoyard atmosphere and privileged access to the slopes, Le Grand-Bornand is an ideal resort to enjoy winter sports this year. The estate is expected to be open from December to April, depending on weather conditions.

Ski area focus

The Grand-Bornand ski area is easily accessible from the resort thanks to shuttles and 32 ski lifts. In total, there are 44 marked trails (12 green, 15 blue, 14 red and 3 black), spread over 90km of undulating terrain - varying by 1100m in certain parts. To support good snow conditions, the resort has snow canons covering an area of 86 hectares. Seasoned skiers can happily ski off-piste at Grand-Bornand, when the weather permits, or stick to the black slopes of the fields for intense descents. Beginners can play in dedicated open spaces that encourage you to evolve at your own pace in total safety. Last but not least, there are 8 fully equipped spaces to meet the needs of new sled enthusiasts (such as cycling, snow-scooting, etc.). Cross-country skiers will enjoy 4 loops on a classic Nordic route of 1.4km to 9.4km from the old village through the alpine pastures and the forest. And when you've tried all that, the huge Alpine ski area of Aravis is also connected to the Grand-Bornand resort, where there are a further 130 runs over 200km long with 81 lifts in support.

Off-ski activities

There are many activities for non-skiers in the Haute-Savoie and at the Grand-Bornand Chinaillon resort. Snowmobiling, paragliding, ski joëring, speed riding are all on offer, to the delight of speed fans! And why not escape on a dog sled ride to try something different? The resort also offers spaces for relaxation, a swimming pool, museums, guided tours and pottery workshops, to name a few. The resort also organizes one-off activities and events - check the schedule to avoid disappointment.

1000-2100 m
Ski slopes
90 Km
Nordic Ski slopes
68 Km