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Le Chatelet 05350 SAINT-VERAN

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In this unique setting under the blue sky of the Queyras, visitors can enjoy strolling through the streets of the village or skiing on the slopes of the mountain. Split your time so you can explore this exceptional place on foot to discover perfectly preserved fountains, bread ovens and sundials, as well as glide down the trails. Visitors often dream of extending their stay in Saint-Véran: family-friendly, lively and incredibly warm, Saint-Véran is an authentic ski resort ready to seduce you. The ski area of Saint-Véran will be open from December to March.

Ski area focus

The ski area of Molines-Saint-Véran ranges in altitude between 1750m and 2800m, and is a nature lover's paradise. Skis on foot, you can walk the Beauregard ridge until the Grand Serre (the highest point of the resort, 2800m). From there, the panorama is breathtaking, with views of Mount Visio and the Pic de Chateau Renard. In total, the ski area has 35km of pistes (5 green, 9 blue, 10 red and 1 black) spread over 70 hectares. The high altitude ensures good snow cover, and snow cannons fill any gaps to ensure optimum conditions for skiers throughout the season. The Molines-Saint-Véran ski area has 50km of cross-country ski trails. Lovers of this Nordic sport will be won over by the beauty of the place: an extraordinary backdrop for this intense workout. Whatever your level, you will be able to progress at your own pace on the magnificent slopes of the Saint-Véran ski area.

Off-ski activities

Whether you decide to hit the slopes or not, Saint-Véran promises a fun-filled holiday for all, and offers several activities besides skiing. Snowshoe treks are very popular, for example, and allow you to discover the Queyras Regional Nature Park in excellent conditions. Saint-Véran, the highest commune in Europe, is positioned to take your breath away to astonish you. This small village, known for the clarity of its night sky (one of the best astronomy observation areas in France), is home to an observatory perched almost 3000m above sea level. Visitors of all ages can go there to admire the stars and dream of distant horizons. Saint-Véran has a rich history and local restaurants are bursting with authentic local flavors. Far from the crowds of the big resorts, you will find a warm welcome and wholesome family atmosphere here.

1600-2600 m
Ski slopes
33 Km
Nordic Ski slopes
36 Km